Tankefältterapi på TV i Ugandas största TV-kanal, Bukedde TV, juni 2012.

Mats Uldal Humanitarian Foundation, ATFT Foundation US and UK, were presented on Ugandas largest TV channel in June 2012. A large scale scientific study was done and nearly 400 people were trained in Thought Field Therapy, approx. 550 girls were given an introduction in TFT, and 145 juveniles were told how to help themselves with TFT.

Simplified TFT/ Forenklet TFT mot trauma
Publicerad den 22 aug 2012
Bitta Wiese from Mats Uldal Humanitarian Foundation treats poor women from Kampala, Uganda. The leader og Hands of hope, Phibby Awere Otaala, wife of former Minister of Health in Uganda, cannot belive her eyes and ears.